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May 8, 2017 | Surveying and Mapping

New deep learning AI for drones

Deep learning neural network software provider Neurala announced a new deep learning solution for autonomous systems. The new artificial intelligence software allows machines such as drones and self-driving cars to learn with or without the cloud.

According to the company, the solution solves the number one problem when it comes to using deep learning neural networks in real time.

“Neurala’s breakthrough approach is the enabler that automotive companies, consumer electronics companies and others have needed to make deep learning useful for their customers,” said Massimiliano Versace, CEO of Neurala. “The ability to learn on the fly and at the edge means that the Neurala approach enables learning directly on the device, without all the drawbacks of cloud learning. In addition, it eliminates network latency, increases real-time performance, and ensures privacy where needed. Most importantly, it will unlock the development of a sea of cloud-less applications.”

Neurala’s neural network software mimics the way the human brain learns and analyzes things, providing smart products the ability to learn, adapt and interact in real time. For instance, the company says it can allow drones to learn how to diagnose problems it comes across, assist in emergency situations, and avoid obstacles.

“The NVIDIA Jetson AI platform enables Neurala to develop innovative deep learning solutions for inferencing and learning at the edge,” said Murali Gopalakrishna, head of product management, intelligent machines, at NVIDIA. “This enables a new class of intelligent machines.”