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May 10, 2017 | Surveying and Mapping

Insitu Announces INEXA Solutions for Commercial Operations

Insitu today announced INEXA Solutions, a comprehensive suite of remote sensing products and information delivery services that are provided to customers to collaboratively resolve business challenges by leveraging Insitu and The Boeing Company’s ecosystem of capabilities, from seabed to space.

Insitu’s INEXA Solutions’ approach begins with customer collaboration in determining business pain points and needs. Robust solutions then are tailored from the suite of remote sensing products and services ? including unmanned air vehicles, sensors, analytics, data integration, command and control software, and flight and training services. Prior to implementation, the solutions are simulated, performed, and tested through pilot programs; ensuring that return on investment is validated.

With more than 970,000 unmanned aerial vehicle flight hours experience, the INEXA Solutions suite of products and services consistently perform reliably and safely.

Insitu’s global team of professional remote pilots, trainers, software developers, and regulatory experts have unparalleled expertise in converting precision data and aerial imagery into meaningful information. This information is delivered when and where customers need it, enabling decision-making superiority ? and ultimately ? resulting in cost savings, productivity gains, and enhanced safety for large-area enterprises.

“We’re privileged to leverage Insitu’s more than 20 years of unmanned aviation and information delivery experience with The Boeing Company’s systems integration expertise and product portfolio,” said Vince Vidal, director of commercial solutions for Insitu. “Our flexible, comprehensive, and versatile solutions mitigate difficult large-area enterprise issues ? and our initial applications have demonstrated significant value to open-pit mining and onshore, upstream Liquid Natural Gas operators.”

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