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Feb 3, 2016 | Surveying and Mapping

DroneDeploy releases new volume measurement tool


DroneDeploy, cloud-based drone software provider, is giving users the ability to instantly compute volumes within a map from any device. The company has announced a new Volume Measurement tool as a part of its new Elevation toolbox, which aims to provide users with better granular visualization and analysis of evaluation data.

“Whether you need to calculate the volume of stockpiles, measure the extraction volume of a quarry or estimate the volume of a building, you can now use DroneDeploy to compute volumes instantly from any device,” the team wrote in a post. “Accurate and timely volume calculations are critical across a wide range of industries including mining, construction, processing and manufacturing.”

According to the company, being able to measure volume is a huge part in helping businesses innovate, and this new solution saves companies thousands of dollars per survey for ground-based laser measurement. The company added that early testers of the new volume-measurement tool reported levels of accuracy within 2% of professional survey readings.

“It’s insanely fast and easy to use our volume tool from any device,” the company wrote. ‘simply go to your map on DroneDeploy and select the perimeter of the feature (e.g., stockpile) you want to measure. Then click the “Calculate? button to instantly compute the volume.”

More information is available here.