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Mar 15, 2017 | Surveying and Mapping

AirMap takes on Japan’s drone industry

AirMap is bringing its airspace management platform for drones to Japan in its latest announced venture. The company is teaming up with Rakuten, an Internet services and solution provider headquartered in Japan. Together, the companies will create Rakuten AirMap, a new platform that tackles Japan’s unmanned air traffic.

Rakuten recently entered the commercial drone space with the launch of its Sora Raku Rakuten drone delivery service. According to the company, Rakuten AirMap is essential to help manage drone traffic in low-altitude airspace and enable safe and efficient drone operations.

“Drone technologies have the potential to revolutionize industries, and the growing number of drone-based commercial services is a testament to this,” said Takashi Toraishi, president of the new services development company for Rakuten, and responsible for the Sora Raku Rakuten drone service. “We are very happy to be partnering with AirMap, the leader in airspace management services, as we make our first step into UTM services in Japan and work to create a safe and viable future for the drone ecosystem in the country.”

The Rakuten AirMap UTM platform aims to provide situational awareness, confidence to fly, drone flight notices in real-time, authorization for drone flights, ability to communicate directly with drone operators, and information about rules in their surrounding area.

“We’re tremendously excited to partner with Rakuten to bring Unmanned Traffic Management capabilities to Japan,” said Ben Marcus, CEO of AirMap. “Rakuten AirMap’s UTM solutions will connect airspace managers with drones and their operators ? setting the stage for Japan’s commercial drone ecosystem to thrive.”