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Nov 1, 2019 | Public Safety

Skyward partners with Unleash live to provide AI, livestreaming, and data modeling solutions

This week, Skwyard, a leading UAS management solution for enterprise and business, partnered with Unleash live, an artificial intelligence-powered platform that connects video and imagery data from the field to the office in real time. Unleash live, which also provides an API for developers to build a connected website or app, will help Skyward provide fast and actionable data from the drone and into the hands of experts without them needing to be on site. “We believe this partnership will increase the value and efficiency drones bring to enterprises,” said Mariah Scott, Skyward’s President.

Skyward, which was acquired by Verizon almost three years ago, helps users plan drone operations, access controlled airspace, track and analyze flight data, and manage teams. Its Business and Enterprise subscribers can now add Unleash live for an additional cost and Skyward’s support team will help with the onboarding process.

This collaboration was inspired by Scott’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) presentation in Vegas last year where she planned to launch a drone from the stage. “We needed a livestream solution ? ideally one that would showcase the enormous potential of 5G. When we found Unleash live, I saw how well it would solve some of our enterprise customers? most common challenges. Specifically, as they’ve scaled up their drone programs with Skyward, we’ve seen how their need for real-time collaboration and advanced data processing has increased.”

Unleash live will help Skyward’s customers in three ways:

Facilitate team collaboration with livestreaming and media management

The Unleash livestreaming platform allows drone operators to share a real-time video from their drone to an unlimited number of users, on any device, using a dedicated weblink. Team members located anywhere in the world are allowed to collaborate, analyze, and make decisions related to drone data immediately. There’s no need to fly subject matter experts on site to analyze drone data, or wait for the pilot in the field to complete a flight and upload data into the cloud for viewing. This saves both time and money. Footage is secure, accessible, has all data embedded for clarity. Best yet, Unleash live doesn”T require viewers to create accounts. The number of viewers for a specific project is unlimited.

For those that can”T view drone data in real time, Unleash live stores it in a secure and searchable index. This helps serve as an organization asset for companies.

Provides live data modeling

Unleash live produces 2D and 3D models, point clouds, and more. They can be accessed in real-time by an unlimited number of people. Other services the AI tool provides include the ability to pass an existing livestream on to another platform (re-streaming), layered 2D orthomosaics, immersive virtual reality experiences for clients, and annotation.

Customize AI development

While AI is an exciting new frontier, both Skyward and Unleash live recommend that drone service providers master livestreaming and data storage before implementing AI and automation into workflows. For those who are ready, video footage gathered during an operation can be used to build AI models to speed up infrastructure inspections and auditing. Unleash live helps Skyward provide information that can drive down costs while improving efficiency and safety.

Businesses interested in incorporating Unleash live can learn more, here.