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Jul 9, 2020 | Public Safety

Parrot Partners with Hoverseen, Kittyhawk, Others to Enhance New ANAFI USA Drone

Last week Parrot unveiled its ANAFI USA drone, tailored for the public sector and enterprise. The wind, dust, and rain-resistant drone features an industry-first 32x zoom capability along with 4K HDR video and thermal imaging capabilities. Where the European company is really investing, to set itself apart from the competition, is its strategic partnerships.

ANAFI USA is equipped with mapping software Pix4Dreact, allowing first responders to quickly transform images into 2D maps on their laptop. Its open-source SDK (software developer kit) has allowed it to support fleet and airspace management solutions including Kittyhawk and Skyward, fleet management tool DroneLogbook, and drone autonomy/mobility solution Planck.

One of the latest partners to offer up more than just a software solution is Hoverseen. Their automated drone-in-a-box system is more than just a charging station. They can automatically transfer data from the drone for real-time analysis. The system also enables ANAFI USA drones to follow pre-programmed, automated flight plans that don”T require specialized pilots to operate.

“Parrot is working to drive the next evolution of organizational security with our ANAFI drones by partnering with industry leaders like Hoverseen.” said Jerome Bouvard, Parrot Director of Strategic Partnership. “Our latest partnership is sure to deliver a cost-effective, unique and secure surveillance and inspection solution to organizations in every industry.”

A short video that showcases the system can be found here. It looks as though the drone doesn”T need to land precisely in one particular place to fully recharge.

“As an automatic drone-in-a-box solution provider we were looking for a lightweight cost-effective drone, integrating the best technology available,” said Hoverseen Founding President, Eric Villiers. “We are proud to be working with Parrot to pair our Smart Aerial Scanning solution with the ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal and new ANAFI USA drones to deliver a simple and secure solution to our customers.”

More information on Parrot’s SDK program, which allows you to build customized apps that are compatible with the ANAFI, can be found here. The ANAFI USA starts at $7,000.