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Apr 6, 2016 | Public Safety

Google granted patent for medical assistance drone

0406.interdrone-3.pngGoogle entered the drone delivery space in 2014, but has been mum about what it plans to deliver. The company was just awarded a new patent that gives new insight into the company’s drone delivery strategy.

The patent refers to a drone with the ability to deliver critical medical supplies in event of an emergency, such as defibrillators, inhalers and drugs.

According to Google, it takes too long for a dispatcher to answer a medical emergency call, and even longer to send a first responder for medical care. Google envisions a drone that can provide emergency medical services.

“A medical-support system including one or more UAV [sic] may be used to deliver medical support implements from a remote location to those in need of emergency medical assistance. The system may include one or more UAVs positioned at known locations throughout a city of geographic area,” the patent reads.