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Feb 1, 2017 | News

Yuneec updates commercial drone offering


Yuneec has announced updates to its commercial drone platform H920, making it the H920 Plus. According to the company, the updates are designed to give field service providers and cinematographers even more aerial and ground content precision.

“Our engineers not only addressed core needs, but developed a sUAS platform that excels in a variety of applications for professional users,” said Wenyan Jiang, group CEO and chairwoman of Yuneec. “We’re offering waypoints through aerial maps, mission task modes, and a high-end, versatile Panasonic-based camera system with multiple lens options for crisp aerial footage when affixed to the H920 Plus and smooth ground footage with the ProAction Grip.”

The H920 series is used for applications such as inspection, emergency response, and production sets.

The updated H920 Plus includes an improved main control system that allows users to save settings and select mission task modes. In addition, it includes an ST16 Pro Ground Station operating on an Android platform, and it supports CGO camera platforms.

The H920 Plus features a carbon fiber fuselage and arms for a light and durable platform on a six-rotor design. In addition, it includes safety features like geo-fencing, variable speed control, dynamic return-home functions, and low-battery return-home functions.

More information about the drone is available here.