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Dec 5, 2017 | News

Yahama Motors will Showcase Drone and Unmanned Helicopter at CES 2018

Under the theme “Expanding the Possibilities of Mobility with Advanced Technology,” the Yamaha Motor Booth at CES 2018 (which will be Yamaha’s first appearance at the show) will feature a drone, the YMR-01, and an unmanned helicopter, the FAZER R, for industrial uses, in Las Vegas, Jan 9 ? 12.

Both models cater to the Precision Agriculture industry and emphasize controlled and efficient spraying. According to the announcement, the details of the unmanned vehicles are:

Industrial drone with coaxial rotors for efficient spraying

Yamaha Drone.jpgCombining coaxial rotor technology with the latest weight-reduction technology, the YMR-01 offers high spraying performance, ease of use and reliability to meet the demanding requirements of today’s farmers. Two of its six rotor axes (on left and right) use vertical coaxial rotors for a total of eight rotors to create ideal downward air currents regardless of travel direction. Spraying nozzles placed near these coaxial axes achieve consistent agrochemical
application down to crop roots.
Industrial unmanned helicopter for highly precise spraying
Yamaha Heli.jpg

In addition to offering all the features of existing unmanned helicopters, the FAZER R high-end industrial- use unmanned helicopter boasts “Turn Assistance.” The new technology realizes improved controllability and spraying performance by turning to maintain fixed spacing for spraying, holding evenly spaced flying paths, and maintaining flying speed. Operated simply by turning the spraying switch on or off, this new function achieves improved spraying accuracy without relying on the operator’s flying skill.

The Yamaha booth will also display three other autonomous designs, including the MOTOROiD motorcycle, which incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to assess its rider’s biometrics, movements, etc. and then drive the person autonomously (at low speed), as well as its MOTOBOT Ver.2, a motorcycle-riding robot, and 06GEN Automated Public Personal Mobility, a new-generation last-mile mobility system that provides safe, comfortable and convenient on-demand low-speed autonomous mobility, Yamaha said.