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Jan 23, 2020 | News

World’s leading ferry transport company uses DJI with AI to automate inventory tracking

DFDS, a leading Danish transport and logistics company, regularly moves over 3 million trailers of their own and from partners. Locating plus keeping track of each trailer proved to be tedious and time-consuming. In 2018, they teamed up with Lorenz Technology to outfit drones with artificial intelligence. After some trial and error with different providers and solutions, they discovered that the most efficient combination involved using DJI drones and Lorenz Hive software to automate the process of locating inventory in their fleet of trailers.

DJI recently released a case study outlining the details of how DFDS and Lorenz Technology work together to save time along with the amount of fuel that was previously necessary when manual tracking of vessels was the only option. DFDS uses the Matrice 210 (a Matrice 300 is rumored to be released in the next few months) with DJI’s most powerful camera, the Zenmuse XT2. The Zenmuse XT2 has both visual and thermal sensors, allowing it to quickly identify objects that are difficult to spot with the human eye.

“At DJI, we invest in building SDKs that enable industry experts, such as Lorenz Technology, to create unique solutions for specific industries and solve real-world business problems,” said Jan Gasparic, Director of Strategic Partnerships at DJI. “There are so many opportunities for SDKs across a wide array of sectors that it is almost impossible for us to unlock their full potential ourselves. These efforts support DJI’s goal of providing comprehensive platforms of the future.”

According to Lorenz, integrating their technology into DJI’s platform was simple. They claim that other drones and payloads lagged, causing crashes and other errors. With Lorenz Hive, users can pre-program their flight operations and the Matrice 210 will automatically perform the inspection. Live feedback allows DFDS to make timely decisions on the data they collect.

Next, DFDS plans on using DJI drones equipped with AI to identify damages on the cargo. Says Mads Bentzen Billes?, DFDS’s Senior Project Manager, “We see great potential in the use of drones in our terminals, and we are convinced that with the trailer plugin from Lorenz Technology, the data collected, and other related drone services, we can optimize operations dramatically for the benefit of employees, customers, and the environment.”