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Sep 2, 2018 | News

Skysense Reveals New High-Power Charging Infrastructure

Skysense just revealed that its High Power Drone Charging Infrastructure is now proven to charge the batteries of drones in complete autonomy and within only 30-to-60 minutes.

The infrastructure developed by the Qualcomm-Ventures backed start-up is optimized for servicing VTOL drones, including those produced by DJI. The innovative solution charges LiPo batteries in less than one hour, requiring only a simple one-time, 5-minute integration. As such, Skysense has positioned itself as the industry leader in high-speed charging, fast integration, light payload, and autonomy.

“We are now contributing to enable fully autonomous drone operations without human pilots by supporting all industrial drones with our charging infrastructure? said Andrea Puiatti, CEO of Skysense and panelist for “Take Charge: Battery Life Innovations on the Horizon? at the upcoming InterDrone.
“Our Drone charging pads automatically charge drones remotely, keeping them ready for the next flight. This will have a great impact on industries like security, inspection, agriculture and logistics thanks to the increased safety, efficiency and reliability offered by our solution?.

Qualcomm Ventures, a key investor in the venture, is working closely with Puiatti to realize his vision. To date, drone operations required the manual movement, charging and management of drones, and their batteries. Today, similarly to the automotive industry, Skysense started building a dedicated drone infrastructure that will contribute to unleashing the true potential of drones.

NASA, Thales, and General Electric are amongst the enterprises that already trust Skysense to operate drones at scale in security, infrastructure, agriculture, and logistics.

Skysense will exhibit and present at InterDrone this week, presenting its work and offering a unique promotion to customers attending InterDrone. You’ll be able to find them at Booth #803 and hear their CEO Andrea Puiatti speak on the panel, Take Charge: Battery Life Innovations on the Horizon.