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Sep 8, 2016 | News

PowerVision releases the PowerEye for cinematography


UAV, robotics and Big Data solution provider PowerVision wants to make it easier for drone cinematographers to capture videos. The company announced the PowerEye at the second annual InterDrone conference. The PowerEye is a drone that comes equipped with cinematographic control.

“PowerEye sets a new standard for video quality and control, special effects and professional capabilities. It’s a quantum leap beyond the use of a drone to simply record from above,” said Wally Zheng, CEO of PowerVision Technology Group. “For the first time we’re providing professional cinematographers, aspiring movie makers, even innovative game developers with a significant new feature set in an affordable, rugged and highly portable platform.”

The PowerEye features two advanced camera options: One is a 4K ultra-high-definition camera, and the other is its ability to capture images in thermal and natural light.

In addition, PowerEye includes the ability to shoot in low light, as well as special effects capabilities, a dual view, and an app that allows users to easily switch between settings.

“When we launched PowerEgg, we showed the world that PowerVision wasn”T a me-too drone company,” said Zheng. “From that perspective, PowerEye is cut from the same cloth. Our strategy of driving innovation focused on meeting the needs of professionals and advanced amateurs alike has resulted in a new cinematography drone that we believe will lead the market forward.”

The PowerEye is expected to be available later this year.