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Jul 5, 2016 | News

Measure adds new tool to its arsenal

Drone-as-a-service company Measure is adding a new drone to its commercial drone portfolio. The company announced a new partnership with DJI as an effort to be a one-stop shop for drone operations.

Measure aims to provide companies a way to use drones commercially by offering them a cost-effective solution. If an organization wishes to use a drone, instead of having to develop a drone program and purchase their own drones, Measure will handle the drone operation side of things.

“Our partnership with DJI allows Measure to enhance technical capability and scale business operations across all verticals,” said Brandon Torres Declet, CEO of Measure. “This alliance will allow our companies and franchisees to be the vanguard of innovation for commercial UAV operations, using DJI’s proven technology and our experienced pilots.”

With its recent collaboration with DJI, Measure can now help organizations in agriculture, energy and media develop and deploy new solutions such as agriculture spraying with DJI’s Agras MG-1 drone, or broadcasting live to a newsroom via drones.

“Businesses increasingly recognize that having a knowledgeable and experienced operator at the controls is key to using UAV technology most effectively,” said Jan Gasparic, strategic partnerships and business developer at DJI. “Measure’s application-specific pilot training and deep knowledge of flight regulation allows them to set the standard for commercial UAV operations in the field. We are looking forward to expanding our successful relationship with Measure, allowing more businesses to perform critical functions faster, safer, more efficiently and at a lower cost.”