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Dec 6, 2017 | News

Kittyhawk Adds Intelligent Flight Profiles to Enterprise Drone Platform

Kittyhawk has announced the addition of Flight Profiles, which allow fleet managers and Chief Pilots to set and enforce defaults across their teams. The product change will serve the growing class of internal drone teams within the enterprise.

The new additions will help enterprises enforce uniform flight standards across all their operators. Managers can set a standard “Return to Home” (RTH) height, prevent take-offs in “Attitude Mode,” and restrict power exhaustion behaviors (such as return to home or land in place).


Error messages will now have more clarity, allowing pilots to distinguish between a violation of protocol and hardware or software related issues. Policies can be updated by Chief Pilots and operators on the ground will be alleviated of the concern of whether or not they are in compliance. Presets can also be set that pilots are allowed to change in the field.

Flight Profiles are available today for enterprise customers. If you are interested in setting up custom profiles for your team, connect with your support contact at Kittyhawk to try the new system.