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Aug 27, 2015 | News

Intel puts its money on drones


Intel is entering the drone industry through the Hong Kong-based aviation firm Yuneec. The company announced it will be investing more than US$60 million in Yuneec, and is partnering with the aviation firm to further their drone development.

“At Intel, we believe in a smart and connected world, and one of the best ways to bring that smart and connected world to everyone and everywhere has been drones,” said Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, in a video announcing the partnership. “We got drones on our road map, which will truly change the world and revolutionize the drone industry.”

Yuneec is known for its electric-powered airplanes and Typhoon drones. The Typhoon Q500 quadcopter was launched in 2014 and features a 1080p camera, 3-axis gimbal, 5.8GHz real-time digital video link, and a smart transmitter. The company’s drones come ready to fly and come with a controller with a built-in screen and a smart mode that makes it easy for any beginner to fly, according to Tian Yu, CEO of Yuneec.

“Together we believe we can make drones that will truly change the world,” Krzanich said.