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Oct 20, 2016 | News

Hangar brings the power of drone data to the commercial industry

A new drone data software company wants to build an automated technology ecosystem for drones. Hangar specializes in autonomous drone data capture, and it aims to provide industries with high-quality, consistent and affordable drone data.

“Hangar is a software technology company focused on harnessing the opportunity presented by the mass-adoption of drone hardware and the market demand for the data these drones can provide. Hangar integrates cutting-edge technology with existing drones to provide solutions across industries,” according to the company’s website.

The company just announced a US$6.5 million round of seed funding led by Lux Capital, as well as a private beta for DJI, 3DR and Yuneec drone owners. “This team successfully brought the consumer drone revolution upon us, and are now doing the same for the commercial drone space,” said Bilal Zuberi, partner at Lux Capital.

Hangar’s drone and software expertise comes from its founders: former CRO of 3D Robotics and DJI North America CEO Colin Guinn, and the founder and CEO of eCustomers and SMART Technologies Jeffrey DeCoux. DeCoux will serve as the company’s CEO, and Guinn will act as president.

“I’ve watched drone technology advance at a breakneck pace like no other product before it,” said Guinn. “These consumer-friendly products now have multiple computers, an autopilot, 4K cameras, long-range video links, sensors and more, and only cost $500 to $999. Harnessing that technology is an unparalleled opportunity across industry. “Consumer? drones have become so advanced that no human can fully maximize and capitalize on their capabilities. It’s time for software to automate and optimize data capture from these devices.”

The funding will be used to help improve the company’s solution and expand its development team. “Hangar will build upon the consumer drone revolution that Colin [Guinn] helped to create, forging a new path by integrating contemporary technologies such as machine learning and computer vision,” said DeCoux. “Our vision is to make drones into invaluable business tools by leveraging large and unique data set.”