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Nov 14, 2018 | News

Flyability Receives $11 Million in Series A Round

Swiss collision-tolerant drone manufacturer Flyability raised $11 million US dollars in its Series A funding round led by ETF Partners and Swisscom Ventures and Dow Chemical Company. Other investors included GoBeyond and MKS (Switzerland).

Flyability’s Elios drone has garnered attention for its unique orbital form factor and its ability to traverse hazardous or confined indoor locations safely. The company also produces a suite of tools which extend Elios’ capabilities like the range extender and Inspectior software, which combines RGB, thermal, and metadata in a single video player. The funds raised will go to establishing Flyability as the standard for indoor flying.

CEO of Flyability Patrick Thevoz stated: “The continued support from ETF and historic investors was instrumental to our success, and we are very proud to see them renewing their trust in this round. Having Swisscom and Dow as investors is a strong signal of the market’s interest in our approach of digitizing the industry.”

Currently, Flyability has shipped more than 500 drones and the Elios’ design established the brand as a leader in indoor navigation. Within a spherical carbon fiber frame the drone contains a payload with a HD camera, thermal camera, and LED lighting system. It can handle temperatures from freezing point to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The company’s main focus is on industrial inspection within the energy sector. It has made headway in the specific arenas of inspecting power generation facilities and maritime pipelines. The company states it has also seen growth in the public safety sector with use cases in search & rescue.