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May 13, 2020 | News

Episode 38: The DJI Matrice 300, Mosquito-level object avoidance, & Interview with Andrew Elefant of Kittyhawk

This week on the InterDrone podcast we sat down with Andrew Elefant of Kittyhawk, and Kara Murphy, drone writer, photographer, and pilot. We discussed:

  • 01:30 – The new DJI Matrice 300
  • 12:00 ? Mosquitos’ “Night navigation? used to help UAVs with obstacle avoidance
  • 20:30 ? Drone delivery during coronavirus: who’s delivering compliantly and is it here to stay
  • 32:20 ? Disinfecting drones spraying indoor and outdoor venues like stadiums, convention centers, parks, and more.
  • 40:00 ? Interview with Andrew Elefant of Kittyhawk
  • And more!


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Andrew Elefant


Kara Murphy


Michael Pehel


CJ Smith


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