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Jun 15, 2016 | News

DroneDeploy releases new agriculture drone solutions


DroneDeploy is giving users more insights into their plants and crops. The company has announced two new tools as part of a collaboration with agriculture tech companies Aglytix and AgriSens.

“Using drones to count plants and perform stand analysis has long been a dream of the precision agriculture community??”And it’s now more than just wishful thinking,” wrote Anya Lamb, marketing manager for DroneDeploy, in a blog post.

The Aglytix tool aims to give users full details into their entire crop. It calculates economic loss, opportunities, preventative measures and corrective actions. In addition, it provides a detailed stand gap mapping, a PDF report, and a zoned shapefile.

The AgriSens tool combines computer vision with aerial imagery as a way to provide insights and count individual plants. Together with the DroneDeploy map, it gives users information about the quality of their plant growth, and it helps manage and keep track of plant count. It also provides users with information about seeding.

“It’s a more efficient and simplified process to get a wider view of a count on an entire field, and it helps us hold the planting company accountable,” Toshiro Aoki, a DroneDeploy user, told the company.