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Jun 29, 2016 | News

DroneDeploy announces new integration for analyzing aerial imagery

0629.interdrone-dd.pngDroneDeploy is releasing a beta integration of ESRI’s ArcGIS Online to give drone operators more tools for their aerial analysis. ESRI’s ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based mapping platform that provides analytics and allows users to share maps. The new integration will give DroneDeploy users the ability to analyze their maps in ArcGIS Online.

“Emerging technology such as drones have the potential to revolutionize how we work across many industries,” said Lawrie Jordan, ESRI’s director of imagery, according to DroneDeploy. “Now, with the ESRI and DroneDeploy integration, you can more easily leverage powerful drone imagery directly from within ArcGIS.”

The integration aims to combine datasets for deeper analysis and insights, smooth the process of transferring data from DroneDeploy to ArcGIS, and allow users to focus on data collection and analysis instead of data migration.

“As UAS platforms and sensors continue to improve, users are being faced with some Big Data issues,” said Devon Humphrey, a GIS professional told DroneDeploy. “In addition, for GIS users it is crucial to be able to capture and utilize the data as soon as possible within the ESRI GIS environment. After all, as fun as drones can be, the whole point of capturing imagery is analyzing and consuming the content in a meaningful way.”

Users can sign up for the beta integration today. DroneDeploy noted that since it is still in beta, features may break, so users should refrain from sharing images, videos, descriptions or complaints.