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Sep 27, 2016 | News

DroneDeploy addresses portability issues

DroneDeploy wants to give drone operators the ability to map in limited Internet-connectivity areas. The company announced its new Turbo Uploader is designed to upload and process data, and to load and view maps, faster in remote areas.

“We’re working with customers worldwide that are leveraging drone maps, such as farmers detecting crop damage and estimate yields, mining facilities monitoring excavation volumes, and oil and gas production companies monitoring environmental compliance,” said Mike Winn, CEO and cofounder of DroneDeploy. “However, these are often remote locations that find scaling drone operations to be a major challenge given unreliable Internet speeds. We are excited to be the first drone software company to offer a solution for businesses who want the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure without worrying about data bottlenecks.”

According to the company, it previously would take hours to update a single dataset in remote areas. With DroneDeploy’s Turbo Uploader, users can reduce that time to minutes.

In addition, the company announced map-loading times will be up to 4x faster, and exports to GeoTIFFs will be 4x smaller without a loss in resolution.

“The improvements in upload speed will make the imagery created much more valuable than we have ever had,” said Jim Love, herbicide specialist for seed company Beck’s Hybrids and a beta tester for DroneDeploy.