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Sep 15, 2020 | News

DroneAnalyst 2020 Drone Market Sector Survey

Enter to win a DJI Mavic Mini!

The team at DroneAnalyst has just announced its fourth Drone Market Sector Survey, established to provide clear benchmarks for the industry. This survey is the online research portion of our upcoming 2020 Market Sector Report (to be released in November) and will provide a comprehensive look across drone purchases, service providers, business and public agency buyers, and software services.

The 2020 survey dives into:

  • How COVID-19 has impacted drone purchases, service providers and business users
  • The impact concerns around Chinese-made drones has had on drone purchases and service providers
  • The types of sensors and software that various industries rely on, and leaders in each category

Take the brief 15-minute survey here

Take Survey

As an incentive for participation in the survey, respondents have an opportunity to:

  • Receive a free summary report of the research results, a $95 value
  • Enter to win one of two DJI Mavic Mini drones, each a $400 value

About the DroneAnalyst Annual Report:

If you’re not familiar with our Market Sector Reports, here is a quick refresher. Started in 2016 by Colin Snow, these market sector reports have provided concrete data about who is buying and using small unmanned aircraft systems (aka drones). While it has primarily focused on hardware purchases, the survey has evolved to track the complex nature of the drone industry. 

In 2017, the report expanded to better understand drone service providers and business buyers. In 2018, improvements were further made to measure maturity of drone programs and actual usage of drones. 

This year’s report will again make improvements by assessing the impact of critical issues (COVID-19, US-China Trade Tensions), segmenting the newly matured software and payload categories, and by better understanding the structure and origin of businesses’ drone programs. 

What is Covered in the Survey?

  • Who’s buying what types of drones from which makers at which prices and for what uses?
  • How large are drone-based service providers, what is the market share of pilot networks and how and where are they positioning themselves?
  • What most concerns businesses that perform drone-based projects and why?
  • How much are service providers, business buyers, and public agencies using flight management and data analytic software for image-based projects?
  • Which industries and regions are seeing the largest impact to drone adoption and usage by COVID-19?

Our previous studies have found that more consumer drones are being used for professional use than ever before, the U.S. market is flooded with service providers and remote pilots but very few make enough money to sustain a full-time venture, and film / photo / video dominates both the hobby and professional uses of drones. This year’s study will continue to challenge these insights and explore new topics like the impact of COVID-19 and US-China Trade Tensions.

Who Should Take the Survey?

    • Individuals or organizations who have purchased a drone in the past 12 months for any reason
    • Commercial drone service providers
    • Businesses, enterprises, and public agencies that perform drone-based operations 

Why This Study?

We believe the consumer and commercial drone market needs this annual benchmark study. There is a lack of objective information on the drone industry. We find an absence of credible market-based research and little understanding of the difference between large industry forecasts and actual buyer adoption rates – which we have already seen diverge significantly from reality. This study will clarify much of that.

The survey will be open for four weeks, and results will be available in November.