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Jun 8, 2015 | News

Drone safety ? Critical for the growth of the industry

Todd Van Epps will be teaching a class on Safe and Efficient UAV Operations at the upcoming InterDrone Conference in September. Todd teaches flight instruction to new aircraft operators as well as creates custom helicopter builds for unique applications. He has developed UAVs for the agriculture industry, public safety and resource protection. He has flown for a variety of events, individuals and governmental agencies over the years, and instructs at an accredited university teaching students the basic applications and safety of UAV technology. Todd knows drone safety.

Q. Todd, could you share a bit of your background with our readers?

I started my aerial endeavors in 2005 when a friend asked me to join him flying gliders. After a year of flying recreationally, I began pursuing the possibilities of using UAV’s for imagery and data capture in the scientific world. While working as an environmental scientist specializing in GIS work, I actively began designing basic fixed wing aircraft that could accept a camera package. After several years of varying success, I turned my attention to multirotor aircraft. Through major advancements in the technology, I have been able to capture imagery and data all over the world. I have flown everything from single rotor helicopters, multirotor and fixed wings, all while logging hundreds of flights hours. I specialize in the designing of aircraft for unique applications. I have flown cameras systems up to the RED EPIC and sensor packages that include LIDAR and Infrared. Throughout the years, I have consulted for governmental agencies and large corporations on drone safety and efficient use of UAV products. I also currently work as an adjunct professor at an accredited university teaching students the operations and safety of the technology.

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