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Aug 16, 2018 | News

Drone Insurance Keeps Getting Easier

SkyWatch.AI already has a reputation for fast and affordable drone insurance, but they also recently released a new monthly subscription for “frequent flyers.’

SkyWatch’s platform features a proprietary Safety Score, which not only helps pilots judge the relative risk of a flight, but also drive down their rates by providing them with a quick view of a given operation’s liability. Safe pilots get lower rates, and now the most consistently safe pilots can sign up for a monthly subscription.

SkyWatch Plus users are covered all month long, across the entire US territories, and their monthly rates are determined by the chosen liability limit and the available rate adjustments for safe pilots.

As in the “On-demand? program, the pricing is determined according to SkyWatch’s proprietary risk analytics platform, so both the pilot’s Safety Score and Insurance Experience discounts are fully applicable.

“With this new addition to our platform, pilots have the freedom to choose between our on-demand hourly plan, and a monthly subscription and switch between them as they wish.” said Tomer Kashi, CEO of SkyWatch. “Our simple, fast and transparent solution provide pilots the ability to pay exactly for what they need, precisely when they need it. Making the SkyWatch’s platform suitable to all drone operators from occasional users to large fleets and enterprises?.

Drone insurance is a given for any commercial operation, but how safe are your flights now? They may be more hazardous than you think. According to SkyWatch’s reasearch more than 70% of flights had some proximity to congested roads, controlled airspace, schools, and public areas. There are some other data in the report that may interest commercial pilots and fleet managers, like the impact of LAANC on flights in controlled airspace.