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Jan 23, 2018 | News

DJI Unveils the Mavic Air, A Lightweight and Portable Powerhouse

In New York, DJI revealed the Mavic Air today, its latest light weight portable drone with a 4K 3-axis stabalized camera and a host of features for the photographer on the go at $799. The price tag includes the remote control, both of which are comparable in size to a smart phone.

The Air features 7 additional onboard cameras for sense and avoid with 3 directions of environmental sensing. This combined with APAS, its obstacle avoidance system, allows for safe flights around trees, rock faces, and other obstructions.

The Mavic Air’s designs maximizes every inch of the micro-drone. It weighs 44% less than the Mavic Pro, yet it can fly in winds as strong as 22 mph and up to speeds of 42.5mph.

DJI has taken a queue from Apple by utilizing the device’s form factor to control airflow and increase cooling efficiency. With the 8gb of onboard storage, a processor capable of crunching image data at 110mbps, the ergonomic cooling is key to delivering the computation required for all of the Air’s features.

The Air’s processor can stitch up to 22 high resolution images to create panoramas. Also of interest to creatives and photographers are the six new Quickshot modes. Asteroid mode starts off in an ultra-wide fish eye shot and finishes at a normal focal length, giving the impression of landing on a planet.

Asteroid Mode.jpg

DJI has started acccepting pre-orders for the Mavic Air today with an estimated shipping date of January 28. It will be available in Artic White, Onyx Black, and the sports car inspired Flame Red.

Writer’s Note: I overheard a DJI representative talking about the Mavic air saying, “It’s like a Spark and Mavic had a baby and stole some sense and avoid features from its big brother the Phantom 4.” Do you feel like that comment is accurate or just hot air? Let us know in the comments below.