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Sep 29, 2016 | News

DJI announces the Mavic Pro drone


DJI is looking to get its drones into the hands of more users with the Mavic Pro: the company’s latest drone designed to be small enough for operators to fold up and take wherever they go. According to DJI, the entire personal drone can compress into the size of a water bottle.

“DJI has spent a decade making it easier for anyone to fly, and by rethinking everything about how drones look, we have created an entirely new type of aerial platform for anyone to explore their creativity,” said Frank Wang, DJI’s CEO and founder. “Mavic Pro is a technological triumph filled with features that once again show how DJI leads the industry. Most importantly, Mavic Pro allows you to reach the skies easily, see the world with new eyes and tell your stories like never before.”

The Mavic Pro features four folding arms and propeller, a long-range remote controller, and smartphone support. In addition, the drone comes with a new autonomous system and the GEO geofencing system that allows it to avoid obstacles. It also comes with intelligent modes that make it self-navigational.

Other capabilities include a new precision landing feature, an advanced stabilized camera system, new remote and live views, and support for DJI’s new immersive goggles.

Operators can take advantage of the drone’s TapFly mode, gesture mode, tripod mode, and Active Track. The updated version of Active Track is able to recognize people, bicyclists, cars, boats and animals.

The drone is available for preorder and is expected to begin shipping Oct. 15.

More information is available here.