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Feb 27, 2017 | News

DJI announces enterprise drone solution

DJI wants to help enterprises incorporate drones into their way of working. The company has announced the Matrice 200 drone series (M200), designed for aerial inspections and data collection. According to the company, this is an affordable, easy-to-use enterprise aerial imaging solution.

“Drones have quickly become a standard part of the enterprise toolkit, and industrial users have come to rely on DJI technology to efficiently collect aerial data,” said Paul Guo, director of enterprise solutions at DJI. “With the M200 series, DJI introduces a holistic solution designed specifically for these users. We are revolutionizing professional workflows by making it possible to use advanced sensors in various combinations to make sophisticated tasks such as bridge inspections, land surveying, and search-and-rescue missions, easier, safer and more reliable than ever before.”

The M200 series features a foldable frame, weather and water resistant body, an upward-facing gimbal mount, forward-facing first-person view camera, dual battery set up, and support for thermal imaging. The drone’s safety features include obstacle avoidance sensors and an ADS-B receivers for advisory traffic information.

DJI believes these features will allow enterprises to use the M200 series for critical infrastructure inspections, energy facility inspections, construction site mapping, and public safety.

Other features include support for the DJI Pilot app, compatibility with the company’s mobile and onboard SDK, compatibility for DJI FlightHub, and intelligent flight features such as spotlight, point of interest, tripod, and ActiveTrack.

More information is available here.