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Jul 12, 2017 | News

Commercial Drone Repair Service Launched by Fortress UAV


Fortress Solutions has formed a new subsidiary, Fortress UAV, with the goal of providing aftermarket repairs for the millions of drones sold each year in North America.

Crashes are all too common for new drone users, and by Fortress UAV’s estimate, 30% of new drone buyers crash their drones in the first week of use. Fortress Solutions hopes to bring its resources from a lineage of electronic repairs into this expanding market. It will provide a professional level service needed by enterprise customers beyond the limited capabilities of hobby shops and camera stores.

We have been eyeing the expansion into drone repair and logistics and preparing for the launch of Fortress UAV for the better part of a year,” said Brendon Mills, President and CEO of Fortress UAV and Fortress Solutions. “We have expanded and trained our staff to address this unique market, and silently launched our services in February. Today, we are excited to officially launch Fortress UAV and aggressively expand our business to fulfill the critical repair and logistics needs for both enthusiasts and commercial operators alike.”

Fortress UAV has already received authorization to deal and repair Yuneec drones and is an authorized dealer of DJI. They will offer repairs for almost all the available models from Yuneec and DJI. You can find out more at