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Apr 16, 2015 | News

Airware unveils operating system for commercial drones

1Airware wants to power commercial drones. The drone company recently released the Aerial Information Platform (AIP), an operating system that combines hardware, software and cloud services to provide a way for users to safely operate drones, comply with regulation requirements and develop drone solutions.

“Commercial drones will change the way we do our jobs, improve our decision-making, and save lives. Today we launch the Aerial Information Platform, the operating system for commercial drones, to enable enterprises to put drones to work,” said Jonathan Downey, founder and CEO of Airware. “We designed the Aerial Information Platform for enterprise needs and created the most reliable, insurable, and extensible solution for operating commercial drones at scale. We look forward to helping customers capture aerial data and make it more useful and actionable than ever before.”

The platform features three components: Flight core, ground control station software and configuration manager. The flight core provides on-craft hardware and software that enables autonomous flight. The ground control station software features aircraft flight planning, control and monitoring. And the configuration manager is designed to allow developers to configure Airware and third-party hardware and software.

In addition, the AIP will also provide fleet management, user authentication, data management and the ability to integrate workflows and data with existing systems.

Drone manufacturers and services providers such as Delta Drone, Altavian, Allied Drones and Drone America have already used Airware’s platform as part of the company’s beta program.

“We have been testing Airware’s product for a variety of applications in France, including mining surveys, precision agriculture, industrial inspection, and forestry,” said Christian F. Vigui‚, chairman and CEO of Delta Drone. “Airware provides the market with a full spectrum of products that bring real added value to our systems and enables us to develop new services to fulfill our customers? needs. They are building a powerful ecosystem that unites this growing market.”

Airware plans on adding Airware Cloud to the platform in the upcoming months. Airware Cloud will provide a suite of cloud features in order to plan and manage flight operations at scale.

Other plans for the AIP include the Airware App Core”An SDK that will allow developers to develop drone apps that connect with the current components.

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