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Feb 2, 2017 | News

Airware gets construction and mining backing


Airware will be expanding its construction, mining, and quarrying services and solutions thanks to a new backing from Caterpillar Ventures. The exact amount was not disclosed, but the investment should help Airware advance its worksite intelligence.

“Commercial drone technology is becoming a necessity for construction, mining and quarrying organizations looking to increase overall productivity while cutting costs,” said Jonathan Downey, founder and CEO of Airware. “Airware provides customers the combined power of an enterprise-focused workflow and industry-specific data analytics with the compliance and security features needed to scale drone operations.”

Caterpillar says it is committed to the Industrial Internet of Things. The new investment will also allow Caterpillar dealers to provide drone services such as photogrammetric, mapping, volumetric analysis, as well as advanced analysis and modules to their customers.

“This investment is a continuation of Caterpillar’s commitment to help our customers be more productive and make improved business decisions,” said George Taylor, Caterpillar CMO and vice president of the marketing and digital division. “In collaboration with Airware, we are better positioned to offer drone services through industry-leading technology that helps digitize and optimize operations.”