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Feb 27, 2017 | News

Agile Sensor Technologies launches Synapse

0227.interdrone-agile.pngRobotic components provider Agile Sensor Technologies wants to help drones reach their maximum performance with minimum footprint. The company is launching Synapse, a performance-monitoring multi-motor controller.

Synapse is designed to provide flight data, real-time propulsion system feedback, faster controller response time, and 10% longer flight time.

‘synapse keeps your UAV in the air longer, period. Our system incorporates efficient motor commutation algorithms and active braking to reduce power consumption by up to 10% per motor,” according to the company’s website.

In addition, the company says Hall effect sensor feedback has been implemented in order to provide an accurate rotor position measurement and help drones fly longer and faster.

The solution also provides real-time diagnostics such as voltage and temperature, and can take preventive actions when necessary without a pilot, or to alert the user.

“As a service provider, Synapse will allow you to keep track of each vehicle in your fleet so you can provide optimal service recommendations linked directly to your vehicle’s propulsion system usage, thereby reducing both the time and cost of vehicle maintenance,” the company wrote.