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Nov 17, 2016 | News

AeroVironment announces new commercial information solution


AeroVironment wants to ensure its customers can gain valuable results from its drones without having extensive knowledge of them. The company unveiled a new integrated commercial information solution, the Quantix drone, along with a decision support system (AV DSS).

“Our customers told us they want to focus on running their businesses, not on becoming drone experts,” said Wahid Nawabi, CEO and president of AeroVironment. “That’s why we designed our highly automated system from the ground up to make it easy for them to get the insights they need so they can proceed with certainty. From an easy-to-use and reliable drone, to easy-to-access analytics, customers will benefit from our industry-leading drone and sensor technologies, proven reliable by the most exacting customers in the harshest environments on the planet.”

The announcements aim to provide users with actionable insights, improve operations, and increase profit while minimizing risks.

The Quantix drone provides autonomous capabilities and security. It enables operators to easily fly by planning their mission, automatically providing a preflight check, and flying at a tap of a button.

The new commercial information solutions and decision support system provide high-resolution datasets, data analysis and an easy-to-use user interface.

“Quantix and AV DSS provide our customers the first truly one-stop, full-service decision-support system so they can make smarter, quicker decisions that will help increase their revenue and reduce uncertainty and risk,” Nawabi said.

The new solutions are expected to be made available spring of next year.