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May 29, 2015 | News

A Brief Talk About Drone Policy with DJI’s US Policy Leader

Jon Resnick leads DJI’s
drone policy efforts in Washington DC. Prior to joining DJI, he was a senior television planning editor with the Associated Press, leading news planning for AP’s national elections coverage. Jon spearheaded AP’s program to incorporate drones into professional news-gathering operations. He also played a leadership role in the News Media Coalition which is now conducting formal testing at an FAA sanctioned site.

Jon will be a panelist at the upcoming InterDrone conference for the important topic of Integrating Commercial Drones Into our National Airspace. We had to ask him a few questions ahead of the conference itself.

Q. Your bio mentions that you lead DJI’s policy efforts in Washington, DC. What are the major policy changes you are hoping to see made around drones in the US?

First and foremost is getting commercial operations going. While the FAA has picked up the pace of 333 approvals, it’s a less than ideal solution, especially with the licensed pilot requirement. The NPRM does a number of things to promote commercial operations and we’re working to get that in place as soon as possible.

We also need clarity in the R&D space. I”M hopeful that the FAA’s expansion of the test site’s COAs nationwide is a positive development, but we need to see just how that will be implemented.

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