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Jan 15, 2018 | News

5 Challenges That the Drone Delivery System Should Overcome

Some of the biggest companies, like Amazon, are already working on their drone delivery system. It is exciting to hear that your order will be shipped directly to you by drone. It is the future of transportation, and many challenges need to be surpassed to achieve an utterly autonomous delivery system.

We are looking forward to the drone delivery system, but it seems like the idea is still not perfect. Even though drones are now capable of using AI technology to determine flight plans, delivery systems, weight distribution, analysis, order tracking, and much more, the delivery method is still unreachable for a few years.

In this article, we will go through some of the challenges that this method of delivery should overcome in the next couple of years.

Weather Impact

When we think about drone delivery, we usually forget the weather impact that affects the drone. For instance, when the temperature is very hot, the air density drops, which affects the lifting capacity of the drone. The same thing goes when it is really cold when the energy capacity for the drone is severely affected.

Both of these challenges can be surpassed using new technologies, but the weather problem is still not avoided. Remember that drone delivery systems must be able to handle all weather conditions such as snow, fog, rain (lightning), windy situations and etc. It is impossible to build a dependable delivery system.

Drone Abuse

Unfortunately, some of the people are shooting down drones for some reason. Apparently, people have too much free time on their hands or, for some reason, are frustrated with the idea of autonomous flying drones. This is a severe setback to the drone delivery system, and companies have trouble finding a solution. The drones are not cheap, and companies have to find a way to avoid such things in order to protect them against abuse or stealing.


Obviously, one of the biggest problems when it comes to electric devices is battery power. It is the weakest link on any electronic solution that must be surpassed. There are many things that affect drone battery power, such as weather conditions, aerodynamics, size, weight, etc.

The range is also very unpredictable due to weather conditions. For example, a windy day will dramatically cut down the range of the drone. Companies need to make exact calculations in order for the delivery system to work and possibly change the packaging way in order to make it more durable to weather conditions and more aerodynamic.

Power Lines

Drones are using visual sensors that improved over the last couple of years. However, they are still not perfect for detecting small objects or work the same in any weather conditions. Power lines are obstacles that must be avoided. Historically, power lines have been a problem even for helicopters, and for drones, they are an even bigger problem just because they have to manipulate on their own. This is a major setback for the drone delivery system, and companies are working around the clock in order to build a better visualization for a drone capable of tracking even smaller objects.

Package Stealing

People now face the problem of package theft. Unfortunately, some people, when they see a package left on your porch, tend to steal it. This is a bigger problem when it comes to drones where people can see them coming from some distance and track the package. This situation can be avoided by specialized helipads or some piece of technology that you should place in a safe place (for example, your back yard), and the drone will land in a safe place.

The drone delivery system is improving day by day. Companies are conquering problems, and this technology might be used in our everyday lives sooner than you might think. Even though this technology seems to be a few years away and, it is still the perfect investment for eCommerce companies that like to make a difference in the way they are transporting goods to the final customers.

Since this technology is dealing with difficult problems, it is hard to predict the final outcome, just as it is difficult to predict who will come out on top during this NBA season. However, technology is continuously improving, and we will definitely see an improved delivery system soon.