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Apr 5, 2016 | News

3DR, DJI, GoPro and Parrot form the Drone Manufacturers Alliance


3DR, DJI, GoPro and Parrot have announced a new collaborative effort to promote innovation, ensure safety, and provide a practical and responsible regulatory framework for drones. The companies have announced the Drone Manufacturers Alliance, a coalition that aims to be the voice of drone manufacturers and customers across civilian, commercial, governmental, nonprofit, public safety, and recreational sectors.

“There are significant economic and social benefits to drone operations in the U.S., and industry must work with policymakers to ensure a safe environment for flying. The Drone Manufacturers Alliance believes a carefully balanced regulatory framework requires input from all stakeholders and must recognize the value and necessity of continued technological innovation,” the coalition wrote in a statement. “By highlighting innovation and emphasizing education, we intend to work with policymakers to ensure drones continue to be safely integrated into the national airspace.”

The companies were previously part of the Small UAV Coalition, another effort designed to advance commercial, philanthropic and civil use of small unmanned aerial vehicles in the U.S. and abroad.

3DR, DJI, GoPro and Parrot are no longer listed as members of the Small UAV Coalition.