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Jun 20, 2017 | News

3DR and SoftBank C&S Partner to Drive Productivity in Japanese AEC Industry


3DR has partnered with SoftBank C&S to bring its aerial data platform Site Scan to construction and engineering professionals in Japan. SoftBank’s reputation in Japan as a quality distributor of IT services and communications will play a key role in convincing companies within AEC industry to adopt 3DR’s software and drones to manage their construction, architecture, and engineering projects.

3DR and SoftBank will be joined by Autodesk and Shibamoto & Co., an authorized distributor of 3DR’s products in Japan, as they demo Site Scan’s capabilities to firms throughout the country. 3DR hopes to put itself in the middle of the construction boom resulting from the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and alleviate the temporary staffing issues the event will cause within the already maxed out Japanese construction industry.

Chris Anderson, CEO, 3DR, summed up his excitement at the initial success of the Site Scan roadshow. “We look forward to continuing to develop our partnership with them to help drive productivity on construction projects across Japan,”

Japan is no stranger to automation. The country has already shown promise utilizing drones in agriculture and the world’s second largest construction company Komatsu has already instituted the use of automated bulldozers to deal with the Japanese labor shortfall. Komatsu’s automation project has been headed up by the Skycatch, an American drone startup from Silicon Valley.