This week on the InterDrone Podcast, we sat down with Amber Wilson, Manager of Aviation Technology for the Virginia Department of Aviation, Scott Drew, Project Manager at ATA and Virginia FIX, and John Eberhardt, CTO at ATA, and the program manager for their UAS practice.

We spoke about Virginia Flight Information Exchange (FIX), the Virginia Department of Aviation and the progress they’re making in Virginia, leading Virginia to be ranked as the Best state for doing business in drones and UAS, and some of the work Amber and her team is doing to get drones into classrooms and help with public perception and education about drones for the public.

Links from the Podcast:

  1. Virginia FIX Website:
  2. Virginia FIX Overview –
  3. Virginia Flight Information Exchange (VA- FIX): Concept of Operations Summary ––fix-conops-summary-version-7.pdf
  4. House Bill 742 –
  5. Virginia Department of Aviation, Communications and Education Division –


Amber Wilson

John Eberhardt

Scott Drew

CJ Smith

Michael Pehel

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