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May 7, 2020 | InterDrone Podcast, News

Episode 37: FAA, Canada, & USAF with new initiatives, Wilkesboro, NC passes Emergency Resolution


This week on the InterDrone podcast we sat down with Vic Moss of Moss Photography and DroneU, and Brian Garret-Glaser of Access Intelligence. We discussed:

  • The FAA’s new drone training initiative
  • Canada forming a new consortium to promote the commercializing of drones and air taxi
  • “Agility Prime? ? The Air Force’s initiative to promote the commercial success of drone taxis
  • Wilkesboro, NC passing an emergency resolution last night prohibiting drones within 100? of and above the Tyson Foods plant during the local COVID state of emergency
  • And more!

Links From the Podcast:”Tiative-announced/”Nes-air-taxis/”Vtol-aircraft/”Cb8fc645.html

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Vic Moss

Brian Garret-Glaser

Michael Pehel

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