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Episode 41: India’s BVLOS Initiative, Women & Drones, Interview with Dr. Tulinda Larsen | InterDrone Podcast

This week on the InterDrone podcast we sat down with Dr. Tulinda Larsen. Dr. Larsen is currently researching the commercial UAS and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) markets and is serving as UAM Editor for Airinsight, an advisor to Deseret UAS, a Utah nonprofit to promote economic development through research and testing of unmanned aerial systems and UAM aircraft, and she is a principal with the UAM aerospace investment banking firm, NEXA Capital Partners.

She is a private pilot and licensed Part 107 Remote Pilot in Command.

Additionally, she is an adjunct professor with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. She volunteers with Women and Drones as Membership and Employment Board Advisor.

We spoke about:

1) DGCA has permitted at least 10 entities to pilot remote drone surveillance, delivery

2) People are flying drones over Darwen fire and stopping helicopter

3) How a missing child was found with help from drones

4) Growing number of construction firms in GCC use drones to get their operations back on track under the ‘new normal’

More questions for Dr. Larsen:

1. Tell us more about the work you’re doing in Utah and how the state is becoming a leader in the UAS industry?

2. Talk more about recent Women and Drones initiative. What types of work does W&D do, and how do you help bring more women into the industry?

3. Are there any recent UAS technology developments that you’ve been looking forward to?

4. What do you think is holding the industry back?


Dr. Tulinda Larsen

Leslie Wolf

CJ Smith

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