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Episode 36: DJI Mavic Air 2 Release, FAA Grants BVLOS Waiver and CVS, UPS, DroneUp Deliver | InterDrone Podcast

This week on the InterDrone podcast we sat down with Sally French, aka The Drone Girl, and Douglas Spotted Eagle of Sundance Media Group.

Sally French and the InterDrone team discussed a number of news stories from the DJI Mavic Air 2 Release, the FAA granting a BVLOS waiver, CVS, UPS, & DroneUp delivering prescriptions during COVID to retirement communities, & much more.

Learn more about Sally and her work here.

We then sat down with Douglas Spotted Eagle, the Director of Educational Programming and the primary UAS instructor at SMG, and an industry consultant for Sundance Media Group and VASST. We spoke to Douglas about a number of topics from how he started his training for public safety officials, what industries he sees are poised to have the most growth with regards to their UAS operations and uses, and where he sees knowledge gaps in the field.

Learn more about Douglas and SMG here.

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