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PrecisionHawk Acquires HAZON LLC and InspecTools Inc., Increasing Its Footprint in the Energy Sector

PrecisionHawk, a provider of drone technology for the enterprise, announced today it has acquired HAZON LLC, a drone service provider focused on critical infrastructure inspections, and InspecTools Inc., a provider of analytics tools and machine vision software for renewable energy.

During a Grand Opening Keynote at InterDrone, PrecisonHawk CEO Michael Chasen, said PrecisionHawk will be taking the combined experience at HAZON and InspecTools to elevate the energy sector and bring best-in-class technology to it.

“We can all agree this is a fast-growing industry, but is it growing fast enough?” Chasen asked the InterDrone audience.

With these strategic acquisitions, PrecisionHawk is increasing its mark in the energy sector, and in turn the commercial drone space.

HAZON brings extensive aviation experience, standards-based operating procedures, certified drone flight operations and inspection services, while InspecTools brings high-fidelity machine vision software and data analysis systems built for the renewable energy market, according to a PrecionHawk press release.

In addition to industry expertise, and cutting-edge analytics and machine learning software, Chasen added during his keynote these things, in combination with Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS), are integral in advancing the commercial done space forward.

Paul Bingaman, CEO InspecTools, and David Culler, CEO HAZON, will join PrecisionHawk’s executive leadership team.

“HAZON is excited to bring our world-class best practices and reputation for standards-based operations and safety to the PrecisionHawk team,” Culler said, adding, “By joining PrecisionHawk, our customers gain access to the next level of technological sophistication for more scalable, predictive and cost-efficient drone solutions that drive better business intelligence.”

Bingaman said: “InspectTools brings years of expertise, analytics and machine learning for renewable energy that is an immediate value-add to PrecisionHawk’s software analytics platform. This relationship further enhances the technologies and services that are fundamental to advancing the economic viability of drones in the energy market.”