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Insitu Reveals new High Accuracy Photogrammetry Payload (HAP)

Insitu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, revealed that its High Accuracy Photogrammetry (HAP) payload, optimized for use with the ScanEagle, is now proven to be accurate within 5cm horizontally and 10cm vertically. The company now claims it leads the industry in high speed, high altitude, and fully-autonomous UAS for accuracy.

Insitu will be pitching the HAP to enterprise customers, specifically within the fields of mining, and oil and gas. The HAP in conjunction with UAS can eliminate the need for survey ground control points to reach survey-level accuracy, effectively streamlining the process. Particularly in mining, enterprises will be enabled to receive faster precise stockpile measurements over wide swaths of land.

Andrew Duggan, vice president, Insitu Commercial, summarized how the company sees its roll in enterprise operations within the mining, and oil and gas spaces. “Insitu is geared to provide turnkey solutions in aerial data collection and remote sensing, and the increased HAP accuracy we have achieved is an exciting addition to our suite of solutions to drive efficiencies in our customers? resource sector operations,” stated Duggan.

HAP also represents a potential shift away from Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). It can produce the same level of accuracy as most LiDAR payloads at a lower cost, Insitu claims.

For those interested in AI-assisted insights, HAP will also be available in multispectral format, providing rich data for machine learning algorithms to assess vegetation encroachment, standing water, and asset health.

This reveal quickly follows last months successful integration of a 50-megapixel camera into a ScanEagle frame.