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Dec 19, 2019 | Inspection, Public Safety

DroneUp kicks off their UAS program with the state of Connecticut

Back in August, DroneUp, an end-to-end aerial data collection services provider, was awarded a first-of-its-kind 50-state UAS Services contract by the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide drone services to state agencies, institutions of higher education, and other public entities. What this means is that states are able to use the award for the benefit of their departments, institutions, agencies, political subdivisions, and any other eligible entities. In order for all states to reap the benefits DroneUp’s award provides, the first step is to execute a Participating Addendum (PA).

While several states have started this process, Connecticut is the first to officially sign the Procurement Division Contract #19PSX0049 with DroneUp to get started. “We are eager to provide new drone technology services to our state, and we are excited that our local drone pilot operators will have the opportunity to provide these services,” said Greg Mooney, Contract Specialist with the State of Connecticut.

Other states are expected to follow suit soon enough and DroneUp plans on announcing them in the coming weeks. The award includes, but is not limited to, service categories for Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Support, Aerial Inspection or Mapping Data Services, Agricultural and Gaming, and Agency Media Relations and Marketing. DroneUp expects that Departments of Aviation, Transportation, Forestry, Emergency Services, Mines, Minerals, Energy along with Public Universities and Community Colleges will be using the award to their advantage. 

As mentioned above, this multi-state award is the first of its kind for the drone industry. “We appreciate the efforts to streamline public sector access to leading-edge UAS services through this award. We look forward to supporting our hardworking state and local agencies both in Connecticut and nationwide,” said Tom Walker, DroneUp’s CEO. To find out how Connecticut plans on using it, please visit