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Jul 27, 2017 | Inspection

Another Drone Distance Record Set in England

Condor Flight.jpg

No drone distance record seems to last for long as drone professionals continue to break beyond visual line of sight flight records on a monthly basis. Chichester firm FlyLogix recently completed a 50-mile offshore round trip flight, smashing the British distance record.

FlyLogix’s Condor drone completed the inspection of a Centrica owned unmanned energy platform in Morecambe Bay. It took off from Blackpool airport on the Fylde coast of Lancashire, England, and completed its 50-mile flight over the Irish Sea.

While on its mission, the remotely piloted Condor surveyed the Centrica platform without adhering to a preprogrammed route. FlyLogix hopes this will eliminate the need to send men out to sea, which is costly and time-consuming by comparison.

Charles Tavner, chairman of FlyLogix, said: “This is a major milestone as we showcase the significant benefits of our long-range offshore drone service, and ultimately demonstrate the future of offshore inspection and logistics.