The UAS Conference for GeoSpatial Professionals

Providing safety and efficiency, drones have been proven to be powerful tools for the surveying and mapping industries. GeoDrone content will cover topics such as photogrammetry, point clouds, topographic surveys, building orthomosaics, cadastral and corridor surveying techniques, volumetric collection and calculations, and more.

Industry experts will discuss in depth the tools and solutions used for these tasks as well. Participants will learn about reliably producing accurate 2D and 3D data and best practices for processing collected data.


Dawn Zoldi

P3 Tech Consulting


Terry Martin

Nova Systems


Sharon Rossmark

Women And Drones

Romeo Durscher Headshot

Romeo Durscher



Patricia Refo

American Bar Association; Snell & Wilmer

Keenan Newton

Keenan Newton

Lynwood Fire Dept

Vic Moss

Joshua Turner

Federal Communications Bar Association

Dr. Tulinda Larsen

Dr. Tulinda Larsen

Skylark Services


Randall Warnas


Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer Andrews

Bell Technology

Grant Guillot

Grant Guillot

Adams and Reese LLP

Lindsey Dreiling

Lindsey Dreiling

Kansas State University

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GeoDrone is part of the InterDrone Conference & Expo. Interact with drone industry thought leaders and executives at the leading commercial drone conference & exposition.

InterDrone’s conference series features the most robust commercial drone training program with more than 90 panels, sessions, drone workshops, courses, and keynote presentations spread across 5 distinct co-located events

Attendees will be able to source new tools in the InterDrone shared exhibit hall, with a new dedicated section of vendors who are serving the surveying and mapping industries. GeoDrone is your path to utilizing drone technology to increase efficiency, precision, and streamline surveying and mapping operations.

InterDrone By The Numbers


Co-located Events



Exhibiting Organizations

Who Attends?

  • CEO/Owner/President 28.50% 28.50%
  • Pilot/Drone Operator 15.61% 15.61%
  • Senior VP/VP/Director 8.92% 8.92%
  • Business Development 5.89% 5.89%
  • Scientist/Research 4.78% 4.78%
  • Consultant 3.74% 3.74%
  • Trainer/Educator 3.11% 3.11%
  • Hardware/Firmware 3.03% 3.03%
  • Surveyor/GIS Operator 2.87% 2.87%
  • Other 23.57% 23.57%

Purchasing Authority

  • Sole Responsibility 38.78% 38.78%
  • Joint Responsibility 34.18% 34.18%
  • Advisory Influence Only 19.90% 19.90%
  • No Influence 7.90% 7.90%

Quick Facts


Attended to discover new products


Looking to spend $20,000 or more on Drones


Working in the drone industry for 4 or more years

Industries Represented

  • Construction 28.06% 28.06%
  • Real Estate 23.47% 23.47%
  • Law Enforcement 21.94% 21.94%
  • Emergency Services 21.94% 21.94%
  • Agriculture 17.86% 17.86%
  • Infrastructure 17.35% 17.35%
  • Energy (Wind, Solar, Nuclear, etc.) 14.29% 14.29%
  • Fire 12.76% 12.76%
  • Oil and Gas 12.24% 12.24%
  • Hardware Development 10.71% 10.71%
  • Insurance 10.20% 10.20%
  • Software Development 10.20% 10.20%
  • Telecommunications 8.16% 8.16%
  • Mining and Aggregates 8.16% 8.16%
  • Broadcast 7.65% 7.65%
  • Rail 3.06% 3.06%

Attend GeoDrone to see first-hand how drones are reshaping the geospatial industry.

As a co-located event of InterDrone 2020, UAS pros, newcomers, and veteran surveyors who are eager to adopt new technology will receive top-tier education from the InterDrone speaker faculty on capturing quality images and producing next-level 3D models.

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