Panels are some of the best ways to hear from multiple experts in an interactive environment. Every year, InterDrone gathers industry heavy-hitters to discuss the most important trends, technologies, and regulations in the commercial drone space. See below for the comprehensive list of InterDrone 2019 industry panels.

Flying Drones for Insurance Claims
The United States had its fair share of natural disasters last year, as did insurance claims for major property damage. One path to facilitating faster claims and keeping insurance inspectors secure was employing drones to collect aerial photos, which proved cheaper, safer and more efficient. As a drone service provider, what do you need to know before flying for insurance claims? This panel will cover getting set up, privacy rules, and how to secure contracts.

Counter-UAS (C-UAS) Solutions – When Drones are not Welcome
In the commercial industry, drones are commonplace, but what about when they’re not welcomed around an airport, prison or stadium? This panel will discuss current counter-UAS (C-UAS) solutions, including the use of software to detect aerial intrusions and acoustic technology to pick up an incoming drone into a protected area. Learn about other countermeasures on the horizon and which technology is best to use and when.

FAA Regulations: The Latest Outlook
With the passing of the FAA Reauthorization act last year, what has changed? What has stayed the same? What do you think should be addressed next and how do you express your views? This panel is designed as an open forum to ask questions to an esteemed lineup of lawmakers and legal experts as well as cover what you need to know to safely and legally fly your drone.

Harnessing the Power of Your Drone Data
Drones gather a trove of information and data, but how do you turn that data into actionable business insights? From the collection process to analysis and decision making, this panel will cover the best ways to harness the data in your pipeline while increasing productivity and your bottom line.

Moving Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management Forward: Voices from Private Industry
The current landscape of UTM will be discussed from policy and regulatory standpoints. With programs like Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC), the path to flying quickly, legally and safely is becoming more streamlined. But what’s the state of beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operations? Where does UAS remote tracking and identification currently stand? This panel of industry-leading experts from the private sector will discuss these topics as well as the reality of implementation and integration into the shared airspace.

Drones in Precision Agriculture: Best Practices and Technology Trends
We’ve all heard about the opportunities drones bring to the agriculture industry, but what about hearing from those that are actually putting them into practice? This panel will offer both industry experts and end-user perspectives from farmers and agronomists that are implementing drones out in the fields. Learn about the latest technology trends, best practices and tips and tricks for detailed farming management, including data collection and analysis, remote sensing, multispectral imagery and more.

Drones in Public Safety: An End-User’s Perspective
Last year, during the series of unfortunate natural disasters the United States experienced, drones proved their worth time and time again as an essential tool in public safety. With programs in place, emergency response personnel from fire to police and search and rescue, were able to execute operations efficiently and effectively. This panel discussion will focus on real-world applications for using drones in public safety, and the best equipment and strategies to use in dire situations.

Drones in Public Safety: Cutting-Edge Technology
With so many applications for drones in public safety, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Hear from companies that are on the forefront of developing technology for the civil market, including thermal imaging, live-feed video cameras, heat sensors, tethered drones and more. You will learn which solutions are best for your application and ways to maximize the technology to ensure an ironclad emergency response operation.

Drones in Surveying and Mapping: An End-User’s Perspective
Whether you are a drone service provider or part of an in-house enterprise team, flying a UAV for surveying and mapping requires skill. And with so many solutions in the surveying and mapping space, how do you know which technology is best for you and your use case? This panel will offer a real-world, end-user perspective for flying drones in this vertical as well as tips and tricks for delivering the best end product to your customer or company.

Drones in Surveying and Mapping: Cutting-Edge Technology
From unearthing the past by mapping archaeological sites to paving the future for building the next mega structure, drones are becoming increasingly important in surveying and mapping. This panel will dive into how drones are changing the way we see the world and cover the technology that’s been revolutionizing it. Topics will include LiDar and 3D mapping, photogrammetry, point clouds, topographic surveys, building orthomosaics, cadastral and corridor surveying techniques, volumetric collection and calculations, and more.

Drones in Infrastructure, Energy and Inspection: An End-User’s Perspective
This panel of end users will discuss use cases and real-world implementations for using drones in infrastructure inspection, including tunnels, bridges, roadways and railroads, as well as the energy sector. Whether you are a drone service provider, bidding on a large-scale government contract, or flying for the US Department of Transportation (DOT), you will learn what you need to know from an end-user’s perspective for flying and inspecting essential infrastructure and energy related projects.

Drones in Infrastructure, Energy and Inspection: Cutting-Edge Technology
UAVs offer improved preventive maintenance programs with safer and better inspection methods for infrastructure and energy, but how do you cut through the hype and ensure you are armed with the technology you need? This panel of industry-leading companies will discuss current and future solutions, and the ways your bottom line will be positively affected.

Drones in Construction, Aggregates & Mining: An End-User’s Perspective
UAVs are proving themselves as useful tools on a construction or mining worksite, but integrating them into an in-house team or drone service business can prove challenging. This panel will cover worksite management tools and technologies, ways to quickly and safely analyze stockpiles, and best practices for planning, reporting and auditing needs. You will also learn tools and tips for streamlining your projects, ensuring efficient resource management and ultimately saving time and money.

Drones in Construction, Aggregates & Mining: Cutting-Edge Technology
Drones and data analysis offer huge advantages in construction, aggregates and mining, including exploration, planning and operations. What tools are essential? Which technologies should you look out for? This panel features vendors targeting the construction and aggregates and mining markets with solutions that help with everything from stockpile analysis to creating maps and models for planning.